Target groups

Various travellers are comfortably accommodated at the Uusikuu Hotel. Business and leisure travellers as well as groups requiring quality rooms are comfortably accommodated at a truly reasonable price, in close proximity to entertainment, events and transport connections.

Families and young people are accommodated at a reasonable price on holidays and for weekend visits.

Sport clubs are accommodated at a quality hotel at a reasonable rate during training- and competition -related journeys.

For culture travellers the hotel is in close proximity to Mikkeli Music Festival and Ballet as well as to theatre and summer theatre.

Students and seminar travellers find the educational institutions of Mikkeli as well as seminar and meeting facilities in walking proximity to the Uusikuu Hotel. Opposite the hotel, on the other side of Raviradantie, there is Mikkeli Adult Education Centre providing meeting, education and seminar packages for companies, including accommodation and catering services.